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Auction 197

14 June 2024

How to bid:

You do not have to register in order to bid via the online catalog!

You can choose any item(s) from our selection and place the lots in the Bid List. This is done by entering the bid in the box under “Bid €“ and clicking on the Bid button. No bid is transmitted to us at this point yet!

You can display the contents of the bid list at any time via the "Edit bids“ button (bottom left). Here you also have the option of changing bids or removing a lot that has been selected and saved to the bid list.

You can then continue to look for lots. The system remembers your previous bids and displays them when you call up "Edit bid(s)” again.

Clicking on the link “Submit bid(s)" will take you from the bid list to the page where the customer information required for the bidding process is recorded. This is where you have the opportunity to register at our website by entering a password and your e-mail address. If you have decided to register with us, you can then log on in the future with your e-mail address and password, and your order form will then be filled in automatically, as the relevant data have already been stored.

After you have entered your address and have - possibly - defined a maximum bid amount, an overview of the bid(s) appears (as a check function). Insofar as your data and the bid(s) are correct, click on the button “Submit bid(s)”. You have now sent in a binding bid order.

A thank you page will be displayed after transmitting the bid(s). You will be automatically sent a confirmation that your bid(s) has (have) been received to the e-mail address on file after submitting them.


How to find the lot you want:

Search function:

Enter one or two key words in the left entry field. Then click on the “SEARCH” icon. The hits found will be displayed as a list in the relevant areas followed by all lots that correspond to the search query. If you click on an area in the hit list, only the hits from this area will be displayed.

Search by area:

Choose from the area categories listed on the left side. There are three levels:
For example, you can find “Altbaden” under “Germany-> German States->Baden” (or “Deutschland->Altdeutschland->Baden”).


You can write down lots that interest you on a "note", which you can review on your next visit to the website. That only works if you are registered and logged in, because that's the only way the system will recognize you. If you are registered / logged in, you will see a button "Note lot in notepad". Click on it and the lot is instantly recorded to the note! You can access the notes list by clicking on “Manage Pre-Selected Lots” (top right, next to “Contact”).

Sorting the lots:
The sort sequence corresponds to the order in the catalog, i.e. according to the catalog number. However, group lots and possibly liquidation and rare object lots are not located in separate sections as in the catalog, but are located in the respective areas and according to the normal single lots! So in order to find, for example, collection from  "Bund", you have to go to the end of the area "Bund".

If a photograph of a lot is available, it will be displayed in the lot overview as a thumbnail. A click on the image leads to a detailed view with a large image, and there is also the option of printing out the lot description along with the complete text. Clicking on the photo or on “Zoom” opens another window with an even larger version of the image.

A click on the “Certificate” icon (under the lot description) opens a window with an image of the lot certificate.